NMEPLectures DVD Directories - PowerPoints also on this DVD.
chapt 1 -- rxzone.mov Steady State Detonations, Reaction Zones
chapt 2 bkw.mov The BKW Equation of State for HE Products
nonideal.mov Non Ideal Explosives Amatex, ANFO, WHE
propell.mov Propellant Performance
future.mov Potential Future Explosives
apexp.mov Henderson, NV Ammonium Perchlorate Explosion
chapt 3 homo.mov Thermal Initiation, Homogeneous HE Shock Initiation
chapt 4 hetero.mov Shock Initiation of Heterogeneous Explosives
ddt.mov Deflagration to Detonation Transition
chapt 5 - app.mov Application of Modeling to Plate Dents, Plane Waves, Cylinder Test, Jets Penetration of Inerts and Explosives, IHE Initiators
nobel - bunobel.mov Nobel code with Build-up TO and OF Detonation Proton Radiography, Colliding Detonations, Cylinder Test, Initiators
arc.mov Detonation around arcs
cavity.mov Water Cavities formed by Explosive and Projectile
cone.mov Detonation Wave Failure in Explosive Cones
jet.mov Shaped Charge Jet Formation and Penetration of Steel Plate
krakatoa.mov Hydrovolcanic Explosion of Krakatoa Volcano
munroe.mov Munroe Jets formed by Gaps between Explosives
oblique.mov Oblique Detonation of Explosives and Failure
hetech.mov Technology of Explosives
hydro - hydro.mov -- Appendix A thru G - Reactive Hydrodynamic Computer Codes
- SandiaCTH.mov - Sandia CTH Hyrdodynamic Code
shock.mov Shock Wave Fundamentals
liter.mov Explosive Data Sources literature, CD and DVD collections


Lectures available at http://is.gd/4NnP1Z and on this DVD. PowerPoints available on NMWW DVD, at www.mcchoi.com, and on this DVD.
LITUYA - The July 8, 1958 Lituya Bay, Alaska impact landslide tsunami generation. Modeled using the NOBEL code. Described in "Science of Tsunami Hazards," vol 20, No 5 (2002).
KTIMPACT - The Chicxulub asteroid impact. Described in "Computer in Science and Engineering" (2004)
KRAKATOA - The 1883 Hydrovolcanic explosion of Krakatoa Described in "Numerical Model for Krakatoa Hydrovolcanic Explosion and Tsunami,'' Science of Tsunami Hazards, vol. 24 pp. 174-182 (2006).
INDIAN - 12/26/2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
HAWAIIKAI - Tsunami Hazard for Hawaii Kai, Hawaii.
HITSUNAMIHAZ - Hawaii Tsunami Hazard from M9 Earthquake like 12/26/2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Presented at 6/2010 PACON Hilo meeting.
JAPAN - 3/11/2011 Honshu Japan Tsunami.
OCEANS11 - Tsunami Hazard to Hawaii from Landslides and Asteroids - Presented at Oceans 11 September Kona Meeting.
SKAGWAY - The Landslide generated tsunami of 11/3/1994 at Skagway, Alaska. The Skagway modeling is described in "Modeling of Tsunami Hazards, Vol 15, pp 41-48 (1997).
CHAPT2 - Chapter 2 of Numerical Modeling of Water Waves describing the use and limitations of the Shallow Water model to describe the 1946, 1960, 1964 tsunamis in Hawaii.
NMWWCHAPT5 - Chapter 5 of Numerical Modeling of Water Waves describing the evaluation of incompressible models for modeling Water Waves and their limitations.
LAPALMA - Modeling the proposed La Palma landslide tsunami. Published in "Modeling the La Palma Landslide Tsunami" Science of Tsunami Hazards, Vol. 19, pp. 160-180 (2001).
CAVITY - The generation of cavities in water by projectile impacts and by explosives is described both experimentally and using compressible hydrodynamic models. Published in "Dynamics of Water Cavity Generation," Science of Tsunami Hazards, Vol. 21, pp. 91-118 (2003).

THE LASL LECTURES FROM 1978 to 1986. VTC-78-2. VTC-80-2, VTC-83-28, VTC-85-5 The Lectures developed for the Los Alamos Monograph "Numerical Modeling of Detonations" published by UC Press in 1978 and the research results after the book was published from 1978-1985.

The Lecture developed for the publication of Numerical Modeling of Water Waves by UC Press in 1987 as VTC-86-4.