TSUNAMI Science and Hawaii Hazards PowerPoint Files

PowerPoints with Movies are available on NMWW DVD

Lectures available at http://1drv.ms/1jRKJz3

12/26/2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami - 300,000 Deaths

17/8/1955 Lituya Bay 1600 ft High Tsunami

8/27/1883 Krakatoa Volcanic Explosion generated Tsunami

Projectile Impact and Explosion Generated Waves

Tsunami Hazard for Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

Hawaii Tsunami Hazard from M9 Earthquake like 12/26/2004

PDF- KT Asteroid Impact - Asteroid Hazard to Life on Earth

Dr. Walker Hawaii Historical Tsunami Hazard Evaluation

Meadows PDF Report on Hawaii Tsunami Zone Hazards

PDF 6/2010 PACON Paper on Hawaii M9+ Tsunami Hazards

6/2010 PACON PowerPoint on Hawaii M9+ Tsunami Hazards

3/11/2011 Honshu Tsunami PowerPoint

12/2012 PACON PowerPoint on Japan Tsunami in Hawaii

Tsunami Hazard to Hawaii from Landslides and Asteroids

Lectures available on free DVD and at http://1drv.ms/1jRKJz3

Last updated: December 14,2015
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